Audi Starts A6 Teaser Campaign

Audi is finally talking about the next A6, though you’ll have to be a filmmaker of note to find out anything more than the very minimum for now.

That’s because Audi is keeping mum about the car, beyond saying that it will be revealed next year.

It is, though, inviting young filmmakers to help it make teaser videos about the car, with a focus on digitalization, performance, and comfort—which Audi sees as the A6’s core characteristics.

If you’re a filmmaker who believes they’ve got what it takes to film for the A6, you can find out more at this website, though a crash course in German may help.

Audi didn’t reveal more than that, but we do expect that the next A6 will be based on the MLB platform, like its sisters the A7 and the A8. Like the latter, it will also reportedly get level 3 autonomous capability. With a range of six-cylinder engines expected—and a V8 for the RS6—the car should be perfectly capable of keeping up with traffic.