Audi Wants RSs to Get Hot and Heavy with 48-Volt Systems

Audi makes cars that are lovely to behold, a joy to drive, stable at speed, futuristic, and much more besides. One word you could never use to describe them, though, is light.

Ever since the ‘80s, the brand has had a weighty (and forward-looking) commitment to adding as much driveline as possible. Since becoming a leading light in the luxury world, it’s also been committed to making its interiors silent. And now its 48-volt systems are making turbos better and luxury cars better performers (and vice versa).

What all of these technologies have in common is that they’re heavy. And although Audi isn’t alone testing the strength of the world’s roads, it’s on the forefront of weight-making technology.

Still, Audi feels that the technology’s advantages outweigh (…) the disadvantages, even for its line of high-performance cars.

“You will see future Audi Sport models with electrification,” Anthony Garbis, RS5 Product Manager, told Car Buzz at the New York Auto Show. “We will be thrilling you in the near future. Pretty soon.”

Although Garbis was careful not get into specifics he told Car Buzz that the technology would proliferate through the model line.

And although the technology has performance advantages—we all now know how it can eliminate turbo lag and make cars more stable through corners, but soft over rough roads—but it could also be a way to keep RS models on the road.

With all cars being required to reduce their impact on the environment, adding a measure of electrification could help keep enthusiast cars like the Audi Sport line around.

Some kind of electrification will be necessary Heinz Hollerwerger, former head of Audi Sport (then Quattro GmbH) said in 2014 and the company looks to be intent on making it happen.

Next week Audi Sport will be revealing an e-Tron Gran Turismo Vision car. Although this car is pure fantasy, it’s still an example of the brand dipping its toes into the world of electrification.

While Audi and Audi Sport continue to stuff more technology into their vehicles, this does prove that their commitment to performance remains. At least we know that our ongoing feature “Big Audis Go Speeds they Have no Business Going” (that’s #BAGSthnBG for the more youth-oriented) will continue to be relevant in years to come.

[source: Car Buzz]