Audi’s New Tail Lights Can Send a Message

Audi is showing off the next level of lighting at the world’s biggest lighting show. It’s an evolution of the OLED lights that arrived on the TT RS a few years back, it allows for customizable designs. So you can send a message using your taillights.

Yes, yes, that’s what taillights are for. To send the message that you’re turning or braking. But the new lights can go far beyond that.

The OLEDs can be divided up into tiny segments, instead of just the large taillight panels. allowing the controller to light up the different parts of the light separately.

Audi calls it digital OLED, and their presentation next month will be the first time the tech is seen. It’ll have taillights with more than 50 individually controllable sections.

So what do you do with that? Car to car communication. Send not words, but symbols. Audi gives the example of a black ice warning. Or that you’re reaching the end of a traffic jam.

It’s a pretty cool idea. One that will no-doubt quickly be hacked. Letting you choose all sorts of your own messages to send to other drivers.

The other benefit to the digital OLED is that the lights don’t cast shadows and don’t need reflectors. Allowing for thinner, lighter housings. Which presumedly could lead to more flexible styling at the back of the car.

shared from fourtitude