Aventador Replacement to Retain Naturally Aspirated V12

The mad scientists at Lamborghini are in no hurry to turbocharge the V12, according to Lambo boss Stefano Domenicali. Like Luke Skywalker, the Aventador and its successor will fight the good fight with their breathing unassisted.

With the industry (read: Ferrari) moving increasingly towards Darth Vader-like turbocharging, there were fears that Lamborghini, standard bearer of old fashioned vehicular fun, would cut the V12 from the lineup like a limb. That turns out, though, not to be the case.

“Our position in the [Volkswagen] group must be different, and a naturally aspirated V12 engine is part of that difference,” Domenicali told Australia’s Car Advice.  “I don’t think we will be left behind at all by not adopting turbo charging. There is space for us to be different.”

Not only does this apply to Aventador, though. Domenicali revealed that the next big Lambo will have a V12 heart.

“The Aventador has more than five or six more years to run and the next platform also has a V12 at the centre of the project,” said Domenicali.

Although electrification will arrive with the Urus, the Lamborghini V12 is still safe.

[source: Car Advice]