Aventador SVJ to Take on Nurburgring, Porsche

Automakers that aren’t part of the Volkswagen empire must have a hard time booking laps at the famous German track. With all the records and the times VW brands set at the ‘Ring, the schedule must be packed.

The latest brand is Lamborghini, which is taking the Aventador SVJ–in camouflage–to the Nurburgring for what will presumably be a deeply impressive lap time.

While Lambo has made no assertions about records, its recent performance with the Huracan Performante means that we’re excited to see what kind of time the big Lambo can set.

Thanks to its active aerodynamics and a bit of brave driving, the Huracan Performante set a time of 6:52 seconds, making it faster than the Porsche 918 Spyder and the 911 GT3 RS. Pretty much the only road car it wasn’t faster than was the 911 GT2 RS (6:47.3).

To put its time in perspective, when Lamborghini announced the time they were met with accusations of having lied. Even after releasing the video people accused them of cheating, and Cameron Glickenhaus said that physics didn’t allow for such a time.

A bigger engine and a price tag that will surely match, we’re hoping for an even better time from the Aventador SVJ.

The name is a reference to the Jota Lamborghinis that have dotted the brand’s history. In every case, an extreme car in every sense of the word, the Jotas were invariably race-inspired, race-bred, or simply built for racing.

Although we don’t have any official details about the SVJ yet, rumors suggest that it will borrow the Huracan Performante’s dynamic aero tricks and some power to the Aventador’s V12, while the video shows Pirelli Trofeo tires (like the Performante’s) and those center lock wheels imply that it’s been designed with speed in mind.