The B5 and B9 RS4s, Side by Side

Auditography has made a name for itself by shooting exquisite videos of gorgeous Audis, but it may have outdone itself with its latest video.

Taking Audi’s latest crazy wagon and placing it next to its daddy, this video shows off all the excellence that is the RS4.

Despite being separated by years, the two are actually similar in a lot of ways. Both have a twin-turbo V6, both make around 450 hp, and both are stunning to look at.

Audi hasn’t just been sitting on its laurels, though, and this video is a great example of what has changed in the nearly two decades that separate these cars.

First, there’s just the way they look. While the B5 RS4 is anything but ugly, you can see where Audi made some concessions to safety. I’m here, primarily, of the bumpers. And even though the B5’s are smaller, the B9’s A-pillars really aren’t big and they’re doing a lot more to protect you, which is a bit of a digression but another example of how hard Audi’s engineers are working.

Likely the biggest differentiator, though, comes in the engine bay shot. Just look at how much farther back the B9’s is.

Thanks to its AWD setup, Audi has long been accused of placing its engines too far forward, and you can kind of see why here. The B5 RS4’s V6 is inbetween, if not slightly ahead of the front wheels. Although you’d never call it mid-engine, the B9’s V6 is placed much farther back, which will help with the balance of the car, making it less likely to understeer.

Audi has kept what works and improved what needed improving with the RS4. In a video like this, you can really see the lineage that makes the new one so good.

Really, though, having to pick one of these to drive away in would be nearly impossible.