The Beetle Hits New York Fashion Week with Alice + Olivia

The Beetle may be dying, but it’s not going out of style. For New York Fashion Week, Volkswagen has wrapped a Final Edition Beetle in fashion brand alice + olivia making it a prominent feature in the brand’s “presentation.”

Instead of limiting her brand to the catwalk, Stacey Bendet, founder of alice + olivia, has long taken over a space in New York and filled with it Instagramable rooms (or “vignettes”) to show off the coming season’s looks.

“Presentations are more creative!” Bendet told AOL Lifestyle. “They allow for storytelling. Runways feel like the past to me, I want my customer to be able to feel like they have been transported into a fantasy at our shows.”

The Beetle is, appropriately enough, is dressed like Bendet herself (pictured above). The two are covered in the brand’s “hero print,” which prominently features people wearing other alice + olivia patterns from the spring/summer 2020 line–the concept cars of the fashion world–shown off at NYFW.