Bentley Aims for Pikes Peak Clouds

It’s not the first model you think of when you think Bentley racer, but the Bentayga will be going for a class record at the Pikes Peak hillclimb this June.

Behind the wheel of the 600 hp, W12-powered Bentayga will be Pikes Peak legend Rhys Millen. Millen has 14 class wins and two overall victories on the mountain.

So what does it take to go for a class record in a Bentayga? There’s a roll cage, of course, and a racing seat for safety, but the team has also trimmed around 660 lbs of weight from the Bentley. Modifications are limited because the Bentayga is running in the Production SUV class.

Tires, air suspension, and active roll control will all be unmodified. It will get bigger shift paddles to help Millen swap cogs on the way up the mountain.

The current SUV record on the 12.42-mile road is 12 minutes, 35.61 seconds. The Bentayga will need to average 60 mph up the 156-corner circuit to beat the current record holder, a Range Rover Sport which set the fast time in 2014 with Paul Dallenbach behind the wheel.