Most Powerful Bentleys Ever Debut in New York

Bentley was in New York City yesterday and unveiled four new versions of the Continental. The new models are the most powerful Bentleys ever offered for sale in America and can hit 206 mph.

The four models are the Continental GT Speed, the GT Speed Convertible, the GT Speed Black Edition, and the GT Speed Black Edition Convertible.

All of them have Bentley’s iconic 6.0L W12 engine and produce 642 ps (that’s 633 hp to you and me) and 840 Nm of torque (620 lb ft). All of which means that the new models hit 62 mph in 4.1 seconds.

Prices are appropriately lofty at $240,300 of the GT Speed, $253,235 for the GT Speed Black Edition, and $264,300 and $277,235 for their respective convertible versions.