It’s a Bentley. And It’s a Tank. What More do you Need?

Bentley might be trying to tell you that the Bentayga is the ultimate go-anywhere luxury conveyance with a flying B on the bonnet. They are wrong. This is the ultimate go-anywhere luxury conveyance with a Bentley badge. It’s a Continental GT. Tank.

It comes from, and this isn’t a real surprise, Russia. The team working on the build calls the Ultratank. We would have gone with Continental G-Tank, but Ultratank is ok too. We guess.

This Youtube video is their first test drive of the Ultratank. It’s a bit of a validation drive. There are still some bugs. Like the engine needs some tuning work. Oh, and the tracks fall off when you try and turn around. But it sounds amazing. And it looks like it goes fast. On all terrains. They almost rolled it backwards.

Watch, and enjoy, and we’re looking forward to waiting for the finished product to destroy all of the terrains.