Could the Boxster be the Base for a New Toyota MR2?

Toyota may have picked BMW to help make the revival of the Supra a reality. But if it wanted to bring back the MR2, who would they have called? Porsche, says Toyota’s chief engineer.

Tetsuya Tada is Toyota’s chief engineer. In charge of the project that brought us the new Supra (along with the Z4), he also built the relationship that helped make the two cars possible. Tada said that the Supra wouldn’t have just maybe cost more, but would have taken two years longer to arrive without BMW’s help.

So on a recent drive of the new Supra in Miyagi, Japan, Autoindustriya asked Tada about the rebirth of another classic Toyota nameplate. “You worked with Subaru to revive the 86, and with BMW to revive the Supra,” they asked. “Who do you want to work with to revive the MR2?”

“Porsche!” was Tada’s reply. Autoindustriya said it’s tough to say if Tada is serious or not, but it certainly seems like one that could make sense. After all, what other automakers even build a mid-engine sports car these days? There certainly aren’t many. The Porsche 718 Boxter and Cayman are definitely the current most successful options.

Toyota has already said that they want a third sports car in the lineup. Various engineers have already talked about the Celica or MR2 following the Supra back to market and joining the 86. A potential tie-up with Porsche could certainly help make the latter happen. And hey, Toyota already has a flat-four in the 86 so it would fit together nicely.

Source Autoindustriya

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