Bram Schot to Take Over as Audi Leader, Report

Audi’s head of sales and marketing, Bram Schot will reportedly take over as interim leader for the company after CEO Rupert Stadler was arrested early Monday.

Schot is the brand’s favorite, reports Blomberg citing an unnamed source, because the path to his current position leaves him untainted by the diesel scandal.

Hired in 2011, Schot worked at Audi’s commercial vehicle department and only joined Audi’s management board last year, which should keep him beyond suspicion, making his hands steady enough to steer the ship.

No decision has officially been announced yet, but Audi is expected to comment on the situation soon.

Stadler was arrested this morning after a judge ruled that he could suppress evidence. So far no judgments have been made on his innocence or guilt, but prosecutors announced last week that they were investigating him.

Since the arrest, prosecutor Stephan Necknig has said that Stadler has agreed to be questioned later this week and his lawyer will not challenge the arrest.

[source: Bloomberg]