Breaking News: There is a Donked 4-Seat Dune Buggy

I don’t really have a well-formed three-paragraph essay with corroborating evidence ready for you about this white, four-seat, Donk Buggy. This is more an elbow to the rib to say “Look at that!”

But my God is this thing fun. Riding on 26” rose gold DUB Ballers, it has two more seats than the average dune buggy that look reasonably comfortable and feature Xzibit-approved screens in the back of the headrests. Hilariously, even the back seats have screens in them in case someone is standing behind them, I guess?

There’s also an LED screen in the dash and the word “spoon” in the steering wheel because why not?

Naturally, it is, of course, running with Florida plates because where else could this car be from?