Build or Buy: Are You a Build’R or Buy’R?

This week’s Build or Buy cars have elements that people love or hate. White cars: people love them or hate them. Only two doors? Again, they love them or hate them. Manual transmission? That might not be a love/hate thing, and more of an “I can’t drive stick” thing. Regardless, there’s one thing enthusiasts can’t pass up, and that’s affordable performance. And these MKVI Golf Rs definitely have that. But, do you build your own maxed-out R, or do you buy it built?

Argument: Build
Article: 2012 Candy White Volkswagen Golf R

A 3-door is lighter than a 5-door in theory, right? There’s no door frame, no window mechanisms, etc. So if you’re looking for the fastest version of the Golf R, the 3-door is the way to go. This 2012 may be the lowest price R in the country: $16,489.

And despite the low price, it looks like it’s in great condition. Sure there’s some wear to the driver’s bolsters, and the wheels have their fair share of curb rash, but with just a bit over 100,000 miles, this blistering-hot hatch has held up very well.

So if you’re in the market for some cheap speed, head to Lowell, MA and take this 2012 Golf R for a test drive. Get more information on Drum Hill Auto’s website.

Argument: Buy
Article: 2012 Stage 3 Candy White Volkswagen Golf R

The real draw here are the magic words Stage 3. VWvortex member suepar has put a ton of work into this R. It has upgrades from all the big players: APR, HPA, H&R, BBS, and many many more. The seller says “Very fast and fun to drive.” We can only imagine.

This ’12 has a sunroof, navigation, and Dynaudio, and it’s been 100% Vortex owned as suepar bought it from one of our members. It’s had regular oil changes and all the fluids were recently replaced.

Now here’s the kicker: for about $3000 more than the “Build” R above, you get a completely modded out car. That might be quite the bargain than building it yourself. So check out suepar’s ad in our classifieds, or see the car in-person in Indianapolis, IN.