Build or Buy: Insane Syncro Scirocco

So you’re looking for a rare car? First-gen Sciroccos are getting to be pretty rare. Throw a custom powerplant and all-wheel-drive system in it and you’ve got perhaps the rarest ‘Rocco around. But maybe the rising auction price is out of your reach; we’ve also found a project car to make your own. Which is it? Build? Or Buy?

Argument: Buy
Article: 1981 S1 Turbocharged Scirocco Syncro

What’s better than a lightweight Giugiaro-styled fastback? One that’s stuffed with a turbocharger and an all-wheel-drive system.

This 1981 Scirocco is sure to grab attention everywhere it goes. Sure it looks great with its 16″ Konig wheels, Kamei air dam, and Chrome Yellow paint. But it’s what’s under the hood, and under the floor pan that will have onlookers drooling. Upfront there’s a 2.0 ABA engine with a 16V head and a Garrett hybrid turbocharger. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; there are more details in the ad.

The drivetrain is made up of Passat Syncro parts with transmission bits from a bunch of other VWs. It also uses a Passat Syncro rear subframe, and the underside of the car was seam-welded and some rustproofing was done.

Surprisingly, this custom Scirocco is currently only at $7500 on The auction ends a little before 2 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 2 and the car is in Quebec, Canada.

Argument: Build
Article: 1981 S1 Scirocco

If you want to build your own Scirocco Syncro, here’s a great car to use. It’s quite rough around the edges and doesn’t look like the kind of car you’d do a full restoration on.

The seller lists the condition as “poor” and we’d agree that’s a good assessment. There’s rust, dents, mismatched wheels, and mold. So it’s the perfect car to pull apart, do some rust repair, then cram it full of motor and fun bits.

The real appeal here is the price: $700. Source the Syncro stuff and you’re on your way to a rockin’ Rocco. Check out the ad on for more photos. This $700 Scirocco is in Roseburg, OR.