Build or Buy: Be Like Myke (Or Just Buy His Caddy)

We honestly don’t try to play favorites at VWVortex. But when you’re searching for cars for weekly articles, some times you come across a username that looks familiar. And if the car, err, truck is spectacular, you just gotta feature it. And if that awesome ride is a bit out of your budget, then build your own. But trust us, you want to be like Myke.

Argument: Buy
Article: Myke’s 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup

If the VWVortex username AllThingsGhetto looks familiar, we featured his MK7 Golf Alltrack back in October as part of our Forum Friday series. In his stats he says he has “A few VWs” and we guess he’s not kidding. In addition to the killer Alltrack, he also has a tricked-out Rabbit Pickup, or Caddy as they’re more commonly called. And he’s selling it.

His ’82 looks to be show-ready. The powder-blue paint is in good condition. The interior and the bed look spotless. It even has a shaved tailgate with latches inside the bed. Make sure to check out the rare rear “bubble” window.

It rides on a full air suspension, and color-matched BBS wheels are at each corner. But perhaps best of all, there’s a 2.0L ABA engine under the hood, so this lightweight trucklet has got some serious pep.

Perfection comes at a price, and Myke’s is $15,000, but he is open to offers. Check out his ad in our classifieds, which also leads to his ad. Myke’s ’82 Caddy is in Southern California.

Argument: Build
Article: XCARTELX’s 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup

If you want to be like Myke, but are low on funds, then take a look at XCARTELX’s ’80 pickup. Sure it’s a little rough around the edges, but the positives greatly outnumber the negatives.

To start, just like the Buy Bunny, this one has had a motor swap; in this case a MK1 GTI unit. It also has BBS wheels, along with Koni shocks in the front, an upper strut bar, and GTI fender flares.

Like any 40-year-old-car, it has some wear and tear, the most obvious is rust. But it’s not structural decay, and there are no holes. XCARTELX mentions some other issues, all in the spirit of an honest ad.

So take a look at his posting in our classifieds. He’s asking $5350 for his ’80 Caddy, and it’s located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Franciso, CA.