Build or Buy: MKV R32

So you’re in the market for a VR6 all-wheel-drive hatchback. You could spend a little more money on a turn-key, well-modded example, or you can save some dough and pick up one that’s just a little rough around the edges. With one option you can go to the local shows immediately, the other has you in the garage wrenching for a few months. It can be a tough call. But here are two options to review; do you build or do you buy?

Argument: Build
Article: 2008 R32

At first glance, you just might think this is a MKV GTI. Or is it a GLI with the trunk lopped off? Well, it’s neither. This ’08 R32 had a run in with a snow bank and the owner opted to replace the damaged bits with parts from a MKV Jetta GLI. If you’re looking for a (somewhat) sleeper, you might want to keep the GTI look; it could catch some people off guard at the local drag strip.

Now for $8900, this little wookie-powered hatch isn’t so bad. It comes with a high-flow cat, aftermarket exhaust, Avant Garde wheels, and more. Take a look at the ad in our classifieds for more information, and you can see a few photos on the seller’s Facebook Marketplace ad. This R32 is in Jamesville, New York.

Argument: Buy
Article: 2008 R32

For $15,500, this squeaky-clean R32 is essentially perfect. It’s a two-owner car with only, get this, 52,000 miles. It’s been meticulously cared for; garaged its entire life and never driven in the winter. The exterior looks flawless, but unfortunately, there are no interior photos.

And this Candy White beauty has a few tasteful mods. There’s a United Motorsport ECU and DSG tune, Milltek exhaust, FK coilovers, and more. Check out the ad in our classifieds or the owner’s Craigslist ad. This R32 is in Tampa, Florida.