Build or Buy: Mud Slingin’ Toy Bus

Are you looking for some outdoor fun? Something to get down and dirty with? This week we have two really crazy options to get you out in the mud just like when you were a kid. But do you build your own toy Bus, or do you buy it built?

Option: Build It Yourself
Article: 1959 Volkswagen Bus Monster Truck

If you want a mudder, then this ’59 (59!?) Bus is an interesting option. First off, there’s not much info. It’s a 1959 single-cab pickup body mounted to a who-knows-what frame. Second, it has a “one of a kind” suspension, but no other details are given. And third, well, there is no third. Engine? It might have one. Transmission? No mention.

What we do know is it’s really hideous, really green, and it’s on some big-ass tires. Apparently it was built to do wheelies. So if you’re into that sort of thing, this could be an option for you.

Want more info on this 1959 Type 2, take a look at the ad on The seller is asking a low $2500, and the truck is in Winter Springs, FL.

Option: Buy It Built
Article: 1967 Double Cab Monster Truck

The name says it all: the Mudslayer. You can almost hear the name read by an over-the-top announcer along with “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! MONSTER TRUCK CHALLENGE! See the MUDSLAYER!”

Now we know this isn’t a “monster truck.” It’s a mudder. Its sole purpose is to get as far as possible, as fast as possible, in a mud pit. And it looks like a serious performer. So if you’re looking for a truck that does that, well, here’s an option.

Just like the “Build” option above, the Facebook Marketplace ad doesn’t have much info. In fact, it has no info. It has a rear-mounted water-cooled engine, some sort of crazy chain-driven rear axle, giant tractor-wheels, and a custom suspension. And just like “Build” option above, the ad has no details, so you’ll need to ask the seller for more info.

The Mudslayer is in London, OH. Current asking price: $12,000.