Build or Buy: Rabbit Racer

The struggle is real: you’ve got the itch to go racing, so do you build your own car, or plunk down your cash on a pre-built car?  Here are two options for wanna-be racers, or for those looking for their next winning vehicle.

Argument: Buy

Article: 1983 Rabbit GTI G60

If you want to go racing like now, here’s the car for you. VWVortex member Rocket88 has built a killer Rabbit: take one MK1 GTI, throw out the original 75HP engine, and bolt in a completely gone-through G60 supercharged engine.

This car has more than just a blown engine; there’s a lightened flywheel, a custom 5-speed transmission, and Aquamist water injection. It sits on H&R springs with Bilstein shocks. And this Rabbit comes with three sets of wheels; the original snowflakes, a set of Audi wheels with winter tires, and the pictured Corrado Sebring wheels with Yokohama S-Drive tires.

There’s a lot more in the ad; Rocket88 says there’s a little bit of rust, and the appearance isn’t perfect, but the engine starts every time and runs flawlessly. This 1983 GTI is $8000 and is in Colorado Springs, CO.

Argument: Build

Article: 1983 Rabbit Project

We’ve all been there. With the best of intentions, you start creating/building/fixing something, and life happens. Next thing you know it’s year’s later and the thing you were so excited for is just sitting there. VWVortex member vw121 has an ’83 Rabbit that needs a new owner to finish what was started.

Now, this particular car might not be your best basis for a racecar. VW121 has already done some major work to the shell, like shaving the engine bay and patching/smoothing dents and dings, and cleaning/repainting the engine.

Sure, this Rabbit base might be for a show car, but here’s the best part: the uninstalled engine it comes with is a 1.8L 16-valve that’s ported and polished. It comes with 11″ Wilwood brakes and it’s ready for rear discs. H&R coilovers are included as well. So some of the major components are already part of the deal!

There’s more in the ad in our classifieds; vw121 has more than $10,000 into this build, but no price listed (*cough* even though forum rules require a price *cough*). This unassembled Rabbit is somewhere in Pennsylvania.

So which would you choose? The ready racer, or the pile of parts?

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