Build or Buy: Start Living Your Own #Vanlife

So you’re ready to ditch your 9-to-5 day job and enter the glamourous #vanlife? Quitting the job might be easy, but finding the right van for all your Instagram-worth adventures might be a challenge. Do you build your own rig, or buy one ready to go? Here are two options to get you out on and off the road.

Argument: Build

Article: 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan MV Weekender

Unless you’ve been living a digitally-untethered life, you’ve noticed that Volkswagen camper values are through the popped-top roof. So the big plus to this Weekender is the low price. With an asking price of $8250, it’s $20,000 less than the camper featured below. Depending on your budget, that leaves a lot of coin in your pocket for your own mods.

This ’93 looks quite clean for a van with 220,000 miles. It has a bunch of new items: tires, wheels, brakes, struts, and much more. And it has some upgrades like a Yakima rack mounted to the pop-top, tinted windows, and a hitch receiver. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the interior, so you’ll need to message the seller, VWvortex member 93westy for more information.

Like any high-mileage car, it has a few issues. The A/C isn’t working, it burns and leaks a little oil, and, worst of all, it has the original 5-cylinder engine. But it is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, so you can make the most of its power. This Weekend is in somewhere in New Hampshire.

Argument: Buy

Article: 2002 Eurovan Weekender

We hope you’ve saved quite a bit to prepare for your vagabond life. If you want to get on the road tomorrow, you’ll need $28,000 for this 2002 Weekender. While the asking price is high, this Eurovan has a lot going for it.

To start, it was completely refurbished just a few years ago by the reputable folks at Go Westy. It has a very clean interior, relatively low miles (107K), upgraded wheels and tires, and much more. And it has the more-powerful VR6 engine (compared to the inline-5 above).

But it’s what’s missing that keeps this van’s value low. For one, it’s front-wheel-drive (as is the “Build” above). But it does have the tough-looking blacked-out bumpers and side panels. Two, it’s a Weekender, not a full-on camper, so you’ll need to pack your camp stove and fridge.

But if you want to dip your toe in the #vanlife water, this is not a bad place to start. This ’02 van is in Savannah, Georgia and you can read more about it in classified ad.