Build or Buy: The ULTIMATE Jetta GLI?

Ladies and gentlemen, what may be the ultimate Jetta GLI is for sale. If you want to own an absolutely stunning MK2, this is your car. But maybe you don’t have the scratch for a car of this caliber, so perhaps something a bit not-as-ultimate (read: rougher and waaaay cheaper) is what you’re looking for. Well, we found one like that too. To own the pinnacle of MK2 Jetta GLIs; do you build or buy?

Argument: Build
Article: 1987 Jetta GLI 16V

Located in York, PA, this ’87 GLI has seen better days. The most glaring issue is the driver’s side rear wheel arch. A little body work here (and some other very minor rust spots) and this GLI will be ready for a fresh coat of paint. The ad says the car needs new rubber drip rails, other trim bits, and new tires. The owner, VWVortex member mattmk2, isn’t sure if the power windows work and smartly hasn’t messed with them should they choose not to go back up once they’re lowered.

So that’s the not-great stuff, what’s good with this GLI? The greatest thing is the lack of miles. This MK2’s odometer reads 65,000 miles. That’s really incredible. The grey velour interior is good condition. And the exterior features Euro-style single-round headlights.

The best part? The price. Matt is asking just $2000. Take a look at his ad in our classifieds, and check out his photos on Flickr.

Argument: Buy
Article: 1992 Jetta GLI 16V

Just. Look. At. The. Photos. This ’92 GLI is spectacular. The exterior. The interior. The engine bay. The wheels. The EVERYTHING. It’s just perfect. Could this be the best MK2 Jetta GLI on the market right now? We think it is.

VWVortex member E30Cab has spared no expense on this sedan. In fact, he’s invested around $18,000 in this car. He’s included the list of improvements in the ad in our classifieds as well as in the eBay listing. And it’s impressive. Highlights include a full factory respray, custom BBS wheels, coilover suspension, Neuspeed cam, Remus exhaust, and much much more.

As you’d expect, a car of this caliber will set you back quite a bit. E30Cab has a “Buy It Now” price of $18,500 on eBay. Considering all the work in the car, we see his reasoning. If we had the money, it’d be parked in our driveway right now.