Canada’s Allocation of e-Golfs is Going ‘Through the Roof’ in 2018

Canadians, it turns out, love the e-Golf. Despite the cold weather, they bought the little electric cars quickly enough that Wolfsburg has agreed to send drastically more of them in 2018.

“Our allocation of cars is through the roof,” Thomas Tetzlaff, VW Canada’s manager of public relations told us recently. “Customers will be waiting less and we’re happy about that.”

The e-Golf, which in Canada is available in any color you like (as long as it’s not black), sold well in Canada, with its initial limited run selling out quickly. The brand eventually sold a total 556 e-Golfs in 2017, which was apparently impressed the mothership enough to convince them to send many more.

“We are anticipating our volume to increase three-fold in 2018,” said Tetzlaff. Although 1,500 may not sound like that many, VW Canada doesn’t want to get so many that they just wait around at the dealership.

“Nobody goes into an empty restaurant,” explains Tetzlaff. “But at the same time, nobody’s going to wait five hours to go to a restaurant, because you’re not hungry anymore or you’ve eaten your arm off. There’s a balance point and we’re excited to get to that.”

With production of the 2018 cars having already begun, the first new (albeit identical) e-Golfs are expected to start arriving in March, though you can already order your own if you like.

Refreshed for 2017, the e-Golf was the first Golf to get the Mk7.5 styling updates. Based on the MQB platform (not the upcoming MEB platform that underpins the I.D. family), it is effectively a normal Golf in which the engine has been replaced by an entirely electric drivetrain.

With a 126-mile range thanks to its 134 hp 100 kW AC motor, the e-Golf starts at $30,495.