Choice Gear: Revant Optics Elite Sunglass Lenses

In our world, Sunglasses are a unfortunately a consumable item.  Frequent travel and constant use from May until September during show season means that they are often abused and neglected, causing lenses to be rendered useless after a few months.  This can get to be an expensive proposition if you buy new units twice a year.


In an effort to curb these semi-annual trips to Sunglass Hut, we started looking for some sort of alternative, eventually stumbling upon Portland-based Revant Optics.  Revant retails a number of replacement lenses for popular sunglass brands including Oakley, Ray-Ban, Spy Optic and others starting at about $30 for non-polarized lenses and roughly $40 for polarized units.  Certainly much more reasonable than picking up a replacement pair, we decided to give them a shot.


Never ones to go with a miss out on an opportunity to modify things a bit, we went with a set of polarized lenses to replace our non-polarized units in a shade slightly darker than what had come from Oakley as standard.  Shipping was extremely quick, and once the lenses were in our possession, installation was a very straightforward pop-out/press-in procedure.  A quick cleaning with the supplied sunglass bag/cleaning cloth and we were ready to test them out.


We’ve been using these lenses for about a month now with no complaints.  In the cleanliness department, Revant claims that they feature a coating which repeals dust and water, and we believe them.  It may be our imagination, but these lenses do seem much lower maintenance than our previous pair.  Add in the benefit of polarized lenses at a fraction of the price of a replacement pair from Sunglass Hut, and we’d say that this kit is well worth the relatively low price of entry.

Check out the full lineup of Revant Optics replacement lenses, right here.