Good News! Mario Kart Tour Launches Tomorrow!

I don’t know what you’ll all be doing tomorrow, but don’t expect much news because we’ll be playing Mario Kart Tour, the latest smartphone-based Mario Kart game.

Set to launch tomorrow, the game will feature a familiar cast of characters as well as a whole garage’s worth of karts and kites to drag you over the finish line.

Unlike in previous Mario Karts, though, you will get to race as Pauline, last seen in the excellent Super Mario Odyssey. You’ll also be able to race on maps set in Mario-ized versions of the real world like New York City, Paris, and Tokyo. It looks like there will also be classic tracks like Rainbow Road, so you may want to find some Wii-like wrist straps for your phone.

Mario Kart Tour will require you to sign up for some Nintendo account nonsense but can be played with just one hand so you can play it on the subway, in business meetings, and while you’re riding your bike.