“U Plaid Bro” T-Shirt Design from Blipshift

It seems that as of recent, automotive enthusiast inspired T-Shirt retailer Blipshift has got our number.  The clear majority of their designs appeal to us on many levels, but the last few have really made it difficult to say no.  With their latest shirt design, the company plays clear homage to the first-generation GTI featuring the car’s silhouette in unmistakable tartan plaid.

Although a closer look reveals that the shirt design isn’t the exact shape of the MK1, and the plaid pattern used isn’t the exact pattern used (looks a bit like Interlagos with white stitching rather than grey) we still think that the design is killer and well worth the $15 asking price.  More information on the shirt can be found at Blipshift.com.  Interested parties better act quickly, as with all Blipshift items, it will only be available for the next two days.