Volkswagen GTI Stroller Hits European Dealers

The legendary Golf GTI wowed riders with plaid seat upholstery, red stitching and onlookers with a honeycomb pattern in the grille. With this stroller featuring GTI design cues, parents within the fan base can transport their children stylishly, while staying true to their automotive passion. The stroller was developed by Volkswagen Design, in collaboration with the stroller brand Knorr-Kinderwagen.

Volkswagen bringt GTI Kinderwagen auf den Markt

Whether as a complete stroller for toddlers, or as a sports car for when the kids can already sit, the Knorr-VW adapts to the needs of the child. It has an aluminum frame with height adjustable slider, sliding handle with original Volkswagen steering wheel stitching, cup holders, and GTI-inspired wheels. The base suspension can be set to soft or hard. There is a generously sized baby compartment, with easy to clean plastic, an external adjustable mattress, manually lockable panoramic window with GTI honeycomb, and many other functions.


The stroller also has a safety bar, seating areas in sporty GTI-typical plaid, matching knee protection and large canopy with closable window.

The GTI stroller is available at a price of 999 euros ($1114.49 USD) at Volkswagen dealers.

Source: Dpp Auto Reporter / wpr

Translation by VWvortex