Configure that New Golf You Can’t Quite Buy Yet

Volkswagen  is officially launching the international marketing campaign for its newest Golf, the updated Mk7.5. And although we lowly Americans can’t yet buy the car, we can configure it.

As well as a site for building the most desirable, or hideous Golf your twisted imagination can conceive of (surprisingly difficult given VW’s tasteful color options), the marketing campaign is what Madison Avenue types call 360 degree.


No, not like the videos, rather it features print ads, billboard ads, online ads, and a TV spot. An idea of  what VW wants to get across, though, can already be had with the launch video that accompanied the reveal of the updated Golf.

“We are not just launching a new campaign for the next Golf, but are also starting a new chapter for the Volkswagen brand: we make the future real,” says Jürgen Stackmann, Brand Board Member for Sales. “Volkswagen is thus underscoring its promise to make mobility and the latest technological developments accessible to everyone.”

The Mk7.5 Golf promises more power across the line, a slightly updated look, and gesture controls for the infotainment system.