Cupra Might Become its Own Brand

It looks like SEAT is investigating the possibility of turning Cupra, its GTI/R equivalent, into its own sub-brand.

Suspicion was raised by Auto Express, which found trademark applications for a new logo and a beveled badge.

The new logo would replace the checkered flag motif that’s currently found on Cupras. It’s a well-known fact that SEAT CEO Luca de Meo has big plans for Cupra and has long been eager to make greater use of the name.

SEAT has been working on its performance bona fides with SEAT Sport, which has been highly successful in touring car racing. In fact, the Golf GTI TCR and the Audi RS 3 LMS are little more than re-bodied SEAT Leon Cup Racers.


“As we mentioned a few months ago, one of our goals is to develop the business of SEAT Sport beyond motorsport activities,” a spokesperson told Auto Express.

Despite that tantalizing detail, they would not confirm that the Cupra brand is being spun off, saying that trademarking logos and designs is common practice at SEAT.

The move would be similar to Audi’s with Audi Sport and Mercedes’ AMG sub-brand but would be noteworthy for SEAT’s more plebeian nature.

[source: Auto Express]