Customers Don’t Want a 400 HP Golf R, According to R Division Head

Huh. That’s funny. Jost Capito, head of Volkswagen’s R division, says we don’t want a 400 HP Golf R. And here I was thinking we did. 

Speaking to Top Gear at the Geneva Motor Show, Capito said that Volkswagen’s research shows customers don’t want a Golf R400.

“[Customers] want around 300 horsepower and a price tag below €50,000,” Capito told the publication. “To move up to 400 horsepower you lose 50 per cent of the sales volume and increase the cost of ownership.”

To be fair to Capito–who has proven himself a capable maker of race cars–adding a bunch of money to the price of the Golf R would be less than great. Already selling for considerably more than the GTI, the R’s price doesn’t have a whole lot of space to grow.

But with the Mk7 Golf in its final stages, its performance stats are starting to show their age. With lap times and hp figures falling behind the likes of the Civic Type R and the WRX, the 8th generation Golf R will have to do something to leapfrog the competition even if it shows more nuance than FCA’s “more power” approach.

Fortunately, VW’s head of sales Jurgen Stackmann had some more hopeful comments for Top Gear. Whether that’s down to better PR training or actual performance remains to be seen.

“The performance king will remain a Golf R,” said Stackmann, “and the Golf 8 R is going to be fantastic.”