Eighth-Gen VW Golf Set to Launch Next February Despite Software Glitches

The next-generation Volkswagen Golf has seen some delays, but it’s now set to go on sale next February, a company exec said last week.

The unveiling date was originally reported by Automotive News, which spoke to VW brand head Juergen Stackmann at the Shangai show last week. The launch has seen delays because Volkswagen is adding some high-tech digital features, including over the air software updates. And when you can access and update a car’s systems remotely, security is a big issue.

“We’ve never hid the fact that software, an area of extreme importance for products in the future, is a serious challenge for us,” Stackmann said. “We have our homework ahead of us, and the teams are under heavy pressure.”

“Due to their online connectivity there is a lot more software especially in the area of security, which is a real challenge since the car is no longer a closed ecosystem,” Stackmann said.

In addition to hackers, there are also worries that later software updates could affect the vehicle’s regulatory homologation. “You’re adding content to a vehicle afterwards, and this is an area where we are working together with the type-approval agencies to define these processes. It is new for them as well,” he said.

So when will Golf 8 launch? The ninth calendar week of next year. Which is the week starting February 24th. The German launch happens first, with other European markets soon after. Then, eventually, North America.

Automotive News