There Were Fewer Lamborghinis in 1999 Than There Are Now Huracans

Since Audi took over at Lamborghini, production and sales have increased steadily. But the magnitude of that increase is hard to understand until you look at the numbers.

Supercar manufacturers live on small production numbers, so it should hardly come as a surprise that only 8,000 Huracans have been built since it came on the scene in 2014. Audi of America sells more Q5s than that in two months.

But for Lamborghini, that number is huge. As Road & Track reports, Lamborghini probably sold fewer cars in its first 36 years of existence than it has Huracans in the last years.

That’s right, all of the Countaches, Miuras, Jalpas, 350 GTs, Espadas, Isleros, Diablos (made before ’99) and all the other Lambos combined don’t amount to the number of Huracans currently in existence.

And the Huracan isn’t even the most common model. The Gallardo takes that title with 14,000 made in ten years, but the Huracan is quickly catching it.

So, weirdly, under Volkswagen, the Huracan and Gallardo have, relatively speaking, become people’s cars.

[source: Road & Track]