Find of the Day: Bagged and Blown GLI

Spring has sprung, but this Jetta hasn’t. Our latest Find of the Day doesn’t ride on springs, it’s on a full air-ride setup. If you’re in the market for a fresh ride, this 2013 GLI should be on your shortlist.

The Jetta GLI has had a cult following since it was introduced way back in the early ’80s. While its cousin, the GTI, is a performance icon, the GLI has always nipped at its heels. But it never gets the respect it deserves. For years this sports sedan has been the more “mature” Volkswagen performance model. It’s a car for the refined enthusiast. Some even think of it as an entry-level Audi. It’s a sensible performance car.

Well this 2013 MK6 GLI took sensibility and blew it out its tailpipe. VWVortex member RedMk6.GLI has thrown a trunkful of money and time on this Jetta. As mentioned, there’s a custom air suspension in place of the stock springs. A K04 turbocharger replaces the stock blower. A Eurojet intercooler replaces the OEM unit. There’s a cold air intake, a turbo-back exhaust, and a Stage 2 clutch kit to handle all that power. Have we mentioned the power? RedMk6.GLI estimates the Jetta makes 330 horsepower at the wheels and 350 lb/ft of torque.

And enhancements don’t stop with the mechanicals. The GLI rides on VSP “Type 1” wheels, the windows are tinted 20%, and LED bulbs replace the original ones.

Yeah, we know the phrase “built not bought” and this Jetta would definitely fall into the ‘bought’ category. You could spend your time and money making a car similar to this, or you could just get this one, then get it out on the road and enjoy it. If this built car is your bag, check out RedMK6.GLI’s craigslist ad or see the car yourself in Glen Falls, New York. This 2013 GLI has 48,000 miles, and the listed price is $17,500, which is negotiable.