Find Of The Day: Corrado NevAr-Lose

What do you get when you take one of Volkswagen’s most iconic sports cars, scuttle the stock supercharged engine, and drop in a 1.8-liter turbocharged unit? You get a Corrado that can nevAr lose. This 1990 Corrado “SLC” (more on that in a minute) is our latest Find Of The Day.

When Volkswagen released the Corrado, it replaced another iconic sports coupe, the Scirocco. The new model was larger, more luxurious, had a trick rear wing that raised at speed, and…a rather dull 136HP supercharged engine. These early cars are perfect for an engine swap. But which engine? The easy answer is a 2.8L VR6 like in the later SLC models. But one ingenious owner went in a different direction and dropped in a 1.8T engine.

Using the smaller engine is a smart decision. First, it weighs less than the six-cylinder unit. Second, it can make more power than the larger engine with basic chip-tuning. Third, VW made a ton of these motors, so parts are plentiful. And with the right wiring, it’s a pretty reliable set up. VWVortex member badhabbit built this car correctly: he swapped out the hacked wiring from the previous owner and installed a completely new wiring harness. A new engine and transmission made it into the car along with a ton of upgrades.

Outside the car is in very good condition. Badhabbit acknowledges there are some dents that keep it from being a true show car, but that’s some work you can do to make it perfect. While this ’90 is not an SLC, it does sport most of the later model’s updates: the revised hood, trim, badges, grille, and front bumper cover. It sits on NGP Type 1 coilovers and rolls on 16″ Miro STP1 wheels.

Inside there are a bunch of updates. The “racetrack” automatic-retracting front seatbelts have been swapped with standard pull-em-yourself belts along with all corresponding trim pieces, so it looks 100% OEM. This Corrado has a European market steering wheel. The heated black leather seats are in great condition. And it has a Bluetooth-enabled head unit.

If you’ve been looking for Corrado with something a little different under the hood, this is the car for you. You can see it in-person in Hamburg, PA. Check out the ad in our classifieds. The car has been on the market for some time and badhabbit has lowered the price to $8500 or best offer. Don’t even think about offering a trade.