Find Of The Day Of The Dead: No Reserve Zombie-Edition GLI

It doesn’t take much braaaains to see the value in a no-reserve auction. You get a feeling deep down in your guts that it’s a great deal. You know you have to bid quickly before the car shuffles off to someone else. If you’ve just been wandering around aimlessly looking for your next ride, then this Find Of The Day, a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta GLI.

First, let’s get to the gory details. This GLI is mostly stock. It has an EA888 2.0T engine making 200 horsepower. While we tend to highlight manual transmission cars, this one has a DSG dual-clutch transmission; keep that left had free for clearing a path through apocalyptic traffic. It has xenon headlights with LED marker lights that’ll cut a bright path through the darkest of streets. There’s even a sunroof up top: it’s another way out should your killer ride get swarmed by onlookers.

Inside it’s standard GLI-fare. Any biohazard will wipe right off the leatherette seats (don’t let ad fool you; it’s not dead cowhide). This GLI has navigation so you won’t get trapped down a dead-end alley or lost on a supply run. Your favorite tunes from Rob Zombie will sound great pumped out of the Fender audio system.

This GLI has some upgrades too. While it’s not listed in the ad, the car appears to sit on a lowered suspension. There’s a set of black alloy wheels that are sure to hide brake dust and any muck that gets sloshed onto them. And the car is wrapped in Candy White paint, but it’s got some red on it too.

The current bid on this 2013 GLI is a mere $1,525. Check out the eBay auction for more info.  There are even 50+ photos of the Houston, Texas car.

But if you’re interested you better move fast: this no-reserve auction ends in just a few days. A deal like this doesn’t just come back from the dead once it’s gone.