Find of the Day: Dear God, Why?

Maybe peace isn’t what we should be shooting for. Maybe when two opposing forces come together to work toward a common goal the result is just odd and displeasing. Maybe France and England are better when they hate one another. Maybe the Middle East shouldn’t get along. Maybe Volkswagen and Subaru are at their best when there’s an argument to be had. It’s certainly better than this Fujiwagen.


Straight from the state where all of America’s weirdos gather, Florida, this Beetle-GL mashup recently popped up on craigslist selling for $7,000. The unholy marriage of a 1985 Subaru and a 1973 Volkswagen, the BeeGL not only has bodies from two different cars, but the engines and wheels of both, too.


Although the ad is light on details, it says that this car has two engines, which means it has a water cooled flat four up front and an air cooled one out back. Indeed, three exhaust pipes stick out of the Fuji Fusca’s back side.


Better yet, according to the ad, both engines work and we sincerely hope they both can work simultaneously, but the ad doesn’t specify.


It’s weird. It’s unsettling. It probably shouldn’t exist, and yet I really want to drive it.