Find of the Day: Diesel Syncronicity

While a Jetta Syncro was briefly sold in Europe, this ain’t one of them. No, this Jetta was made by one of those enterprising Americans who decided that their lot wasn’t good enough and made some sweet, sweet swaps.

With the Syncro all-wheel-drive system from a Canadian Passat—cleaned thoroughly of rust—and a slew of other upgrades, this Jetta went from plain to weird and fantastic. Along with the new Passat bits, the turbo was replaced and a Mk4 ALH injection pump was added. To give it a little more pep still, it benefitted from a Kerma TDI chip and it got a VR6 clutch.


When the drivetrain was being messed with, all the bearings, CV joints, tie rods, etc were replaced and some Raceland coilovers were fitted, as well as those nice 16” wheels.

Inside, meanwhile, the original steering wheel was replaced by a Momo wheel and the seats with B5 Passat ones made of leather. The dash was also replaced with a Mk3 dash, which does lead to a problem or two.


Because of its size, you have to open the door to roll the window down. Similarly, the trans comes from a gas car, so it’s not quite dialed for the diesel. The fuel gauge also reads backward, and the paint was done at home, so it leaves a little to be desired.

But the problems are limited to that sort of thing. The frame is solid, the engine runs sweetly, and the Syncro system works perfectly. And you can have it all for the low, low price of $4,500. Check it out in the forum.