Find of the Day: The Great White Dasher

Back in the ‘70s, VW spent a chunk of change getting the legendary Giugiaro design house to make them a full range of water-cooled cars. The biggest, the Dasher didn’t come here until a little later, but shares the same folded-paper design as the gorgeous Mk1 Golf, just with more room for activities.

Maybe it has to do with the current vogue for wagons or the relative rarity of these Dashers, but this bagged wagon is pressing all kinds of buttons with its minimalist improvements. The modifications are good, but also mild enough that this could pretty easily become a blank canvas for your own vision.

Originally from Florida, this Dasher has an adjustable Air Ride suspension with manual switches and heavy duty shocks. It wears a set of 15” Brazilian orbitals, but they’re sold separately. And that’s about it.


Otherwise, it sounds like it still has the original 1.6-liter mechanically fuel-injected four-cylinder, though the ignition system, fuel pump, and timing belt have all been replaced.

Unfortunately, there are a few rust spots, but no holes and the bench seat has a tear in it. More alarmingly, the odometer has stopped working, but the seller claims he’s only driven a few miles since it hit 66,000, so you get to find out how much you believe in man’s better nature.

Located in Montreal, the seller is asking $8,620 American, but you could probably talk him down to an even $8,600.