Find Of The Day: Live Your Own (Expensive) #VANLIFE

Do you pine for life on the road? Is your Instagram feed an infinite stream of flowing streams, dense forests, and perfectly staged campsites, all photographed from boxy camper vans? Then here’s your opportunity to sell all your worldly possessions and live your own #VANLIFE. You’ll need to garage-sale all your stuff to afford this Find of the Day: it’s a very spendy Syncro Vanagon Westfalia.

The go-anywhere camper, or Westy as they’re called, sold in small numbers in the 80s. Now they’re the most sought-after vehicle for the #VANLIFE traveler. The Syncro system, manual transmission, and raised body allow owners to take their Westies to places where only “real” offroad trucks tread. And unlike those 4-wheelers, the Vanagon camper has a built-in kitchen and sleeping bunk. Adventures can’t get easier: pull up, pop the top, set out some chairs, and start cooking some dinner. With a Westfalia there’s no setting up tents and make-shift kitchens, it’s all right inside the van.

If you’re looking for a turn-key camper, this one’s for you. This 1987 Westy has major modifications. To start, a 2.5 liter Subaru boxer engine replaces the original Vanagon unit. The motor has been refurbished and the seller says “it won’t need to be serviced for 100,000 miles.” Power is sent through a manual transmission, and like all Syncro vans, there are lockable differentials.

To be honest, it has more upgrades than we can cover here. In fact, this Westy may have the most thorough ad of any Find of the Day we’ve ever covered. We do want to point out the beefy front and rear bumpers, the roof-mounted solar panel that feeds auxiliary batteries, the off-road tires, and the very cool “SYNCRO” script embossed into the side panel.

As we’ve danced around throughout this article, there’s a hefty price to pay for such a thorough adventure vehicle. The asking price: $72,000. We did say you’ll have to sell everything you own. Check out the classified ad on it includes links to video clips of the van and much much more. You can see the van in-person in Portland, Oregon.