Find of the Day: Miami Heat

Many people look at an older car and see a blank canvas; the right enhancements can make it something truly unique. But when faced with thousands of options, it’s easy to start applying all kinds of bits and baubles. Or the owner can go for a minimalist and clean look and end up with a car that is so subtle it never gets noticed. It takes someone with a vision to create a cohesive piece of rolling sculpture.

The owner of this 1977 Volkswagen Rabbit reached a near perfect balance on this car. It’s clean without being boring, but it’s been modified enough that the casual observer knows it’s something special. The striking Miami Blue paint draws you in. The lowered suspension enhances the angular lines of the car: the hood looks more slanted, the body sides look shorter, and the front and rear aprons more tucked in. The lack of bumpers visually shrinks the car considerably. Combine all that with the large white steel wheels, low profile tires, and period-correct stripes and the car looks built for speed. Very well done.


Inside, the simple dashboard offers you just the basics. The single round speedometer is front and center. There’s a few rocker switches, a period-correct (or period-correct looking) radio, the HVAC controls, and not much else. And it’s all rendered in simple and clean black. The dash is minimalist perfection. Smartly, the owner added a Mk1 Scirocco steering wheel which enhances the clean look. This bunny’s cabin is all business. The one misstep might be the tan Corrado seats, but it’s tough to judge from these photos.

The enhancements don’t stop there. The car has a coilover suspension, disc brakes at each wheel, and a 5-speed transmission. From the photos, there’s also a front strut tower brace, finished in red. Sure the car has the original 1.6L engine, but the future owner could perform a nice power upgrade to give the car the go to match the looks. Then again, this a 1977 Rabbit, which has to be pretty rare, so staying original could be more appealing. The buyer can make that tough decision.

All this does come at a price; the seller is asking $11,000 for this blue bunny. That’s quite a bit of carrot, but they are open to offers. Beauty comes at a price.

You can find this Rabbit on The Samba.