Find of the Day: MK7 Gigawatts for a 60 Watt Price

Let’s face it: electric cars are going to be a huge part of our future. If you’ve looked into battery-powered cars, you’ve probably discovered there are two main problems with these electron-fueled automobiles: range and price. Well, our latest Find of the Day cures at least one of those maladies.

Introduced in 2015, the entirely new MK7 Golf family came in a number of variations. There was the popular-with-everyone-except-America Golf, the Golf GTI, the Golf SportWagen (and eventually the Golf Alltrack), and the all-electric e-Golf. Being an MQB car, the e-Golf is blessed with sharp reflexes and a tight chassis. Volkswagen engineers worked hard to ensure this model drove as close to its internal-combustion sibling as possible.

The e-Golf features a lithium-ion battery pack and a 115HP electric motor. This combination is good for a range of 70 to 90 miles on a single charge. If you’re easy on the go switch and have set all the drive options to the most efficient selections, you may exceed 100 miles on a charge, but it won’t be much fun. The e-Golf’s gets to 60 in about 9.5 seconds, so you won’t go to plaid. But we should note the e-Golf is faster to 30MPH than the 2015 GTI.

Now if you’re thinking “Hey, I’ve never seen an e-Golf before” no, you’re not crazy. For one, it was only sold in, like, 11 states. And two, it looks pretty much like any other Golf.

Up front there’s a blue line in the grille and headlights, there’s C-shaped LED daytime running lights, there’s some snazzy machine-faced alloy wheels, a revised hatch spoiler, and not much else. Inside there are blue accents on the shift lever, and some sort of electro-eco gauge replaces the tachometer. And just like its gasoline swilling siblings, this Golf has a premium interior with a soft-touch dash, supportive seats, dual-zone climatronic HVAC, and heated seats.

While this battery-powered hatch won’t do battle with Elon Musk’s latest model, it does have one thing a Tesla doesn’t: a low price. This 2015 e-Golf can be yours for $14,999. If you’ve been thinking about an electric car, but the entry point is out of your reach, this might be a cheap way to try one out. There’s more information in the eBay ad, or take a look at the car yourself in Opa-Locka, Florida.