Find of the Day: Radwood-Ready Ride

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a car that will not be for sale very long. It’s the perfect car to take to the next Radwood, although this car and that show are at two opposite ends of the country. We’ll let you figure out how to get our latest Find of the Day, a 1984 GTI, from New York to Northern California.

We all know the virtues of the MKI GTI, right? Volkswagen took a pedestrian hatchback and turned it into an all-new class of car. The juiced up engine, sport suspension, wide tires, and blacked out exterior became the blueprint for all other hot hatches (as the segment became known as). The GTI was a hit and the competition rushed to get their own pocket rocket to market. Today the GTI is the defining model for the brand.

This 1984 GTI is a great car for a novice mechanic or collector. It has been well maintained, but still needs a little bit of attention. To start, the car is in proper running condition. It starts, drives, and stops. The ad states it does stumble a bit on a cold start, but what car of this age doesn’t? The previous owner replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs, wires, brakes and rotors, fluids, and installed a set of “like new” tires. The clutch works well and the transmission shifts with no issues.


The car has original paint. There’s some paint peel on the hood and roof as well as potential hail damage. Rust has eaten away at the spare tire well, but the rest of the car is in great shape. Judging from the pictures, you could easily buy this car and not sink another penny into it. But if patina and wear aren’t your thing, then some body work and respray will bring this car back to a showroom-new appearance.

The inside is similar to the outside. Like all of our Finds-of-the-Day, the driver’s seat needs attention. The ad says the headliner is sagging a bit, but salvageable. But the rest of the interior is in great shape. Find a good upholsterer and this little car will be good to go.

The seller is asking a very reasonable $5,500 for this Radwood-ready 1984 GTI, so it won’t last long. You can see more photos on the ad on; the car is in Long Island, NY.