Find of the Day Supplemental: The Imola Yellow RS4 with the Beating Heart of an R8

Making just as much power as the original R8, the B7 RS4 is every bit the hot rod people have come to expect from the RS brand.

With its 4.2-liter, high revving V8, a real Torsen Quattro AWD system, and looks to die for, this is one of the great Audis. And in Imola Yellow, it’s not just regular rare, it’s hold-on-to-it-for-a-few-year-and-keep-the-miles-low rare. According to the ad, it’s one of about 65 in America.

Funneling its power through a six-speed manual, it sits on Audi’s 19s, shod in Pirellis that the ad claims are still pretty fresh, for what that’s worth.

The ad does warn though that the pads are getting a little long in the tooth. It also warns that one of the rims has a scuff, there’s a little bit of slide blade separation, and the front has some minor road rash.

These are all to be expected from a car with 84,500 miles on the odometer, though. And with a buy it now price of $28,000, it all feels pretty reasonable.

Sure, it can’t beat a slender climber up a massif, but it can get you to 60 mph in as little as 4.5 seconds (according to R&T). It also gets you a big, naturally aspirated V8 hooked up to a proper six-speed manual. So go out and buy for chrissakes.

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