Find Of The Day: Sweet, Sweet Mulberry VR6

Today’s Find Of The Day is a rather rare find. This 1995 Volkswagen GTI VR6 is wrapped in color, inside and out. And it can be yours for a decent price.

When the MK3 Golf premiered in the United States, it was a shadow of its former self. Gone was the zippy engine and lively handling. The third iteration of the hot hatch was essentially an additional trim level to the standard hatch as it shared the same 115HP 2.0L engine with its sedate sibling. But 1995 brought a huge change to the model when they stuffed the VR6 engine under the hood.

We’ve sung the praises of Volkswagen’s narrow-angle six-cylinder before. It has tons of torque, makes wonderful noises, and can still fit between the wheel wells of small cars. And bolting this engine into the third iteration of VW’s bread-and-butter car completely transformed it. Zero-to-sixty times fell from 9.0 to 6.9 seconds.

Journalists and buyers praised the new found performance but lamented the added weight up front that sapped handling prowess. The addition of two cylinders moved the car away from the very category it created: the GTI VR6 wasn’t really a “hot hatch” anymore – it was closer to a grand tourer.

This 1995 GTI VR6 is quite the looker in its fresh Mulberry paint. The seller states Volkswagen only made 279 Mulberry GTIs in 1995 (you’ll have to do your own homework on that figure). This GTI even has custom Mulberry gauge faces. And check out the killer seat fabric. As conservative as VW designers were with the exterior styling of their cars in the 90s, they didn’t hold back on upholstery colors and patterns.

This GTI is not quite stock. It has a Jetta fascia swap and Longbeach wheels from a MkIV Jetta/GTI. It’s pre-wired for a subwoofer. And we should mention there are some flaws; you can check out the ad for more info.

The seller is asking $5,500, and he’s selling to free up money for his daughter’s wedding. Take a look at the ad on The car is in Edgewood, Washington, south of Seattle.

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