Find of the Day: Transporter with 650 HP Porsche Engine

Usually, when you say that a car has five seats, it’s a boring fact. In this Transporter, though, it hints at just how bonkers it is.

That’s because the five seats are arranged 2-2-1, with a centrally mounted driver. A quick look at the seats also reveals that they’re carbon fiber Sparco race buckets.

Why would the driver of a Volkswagen Transporter need to be seated centrally and held in by aggressively bolstered race seats? Because this one is powered by a 640 hp 3.6-liter engine out of a Porsche.

Converted by TH Automobile Sven Thomsen in Berlin, the T5 is allegedly good for a 0-60 split of 4.9-seconds and a top speed of 310 km/h—that’s 193 mph to you and me.

Along with the engine, the rear-end of a 996 911 keeps the car planted. Although, weighing in at more than 4,600 lbs the van shouldn’t have too much trouble getting its power down.

Michelin Pilot Super Sports and an H&R race chassis make sure it doesn’t try too hard to kill you and your four passengers.

And best of all, it’s for sale on Germany’s As you might expect, though, it won’t be cheap. Asking price is 155,500 Euros (roughly 170,000 USD). Still, we’re guessing that’s less than it cost to make, so really it’s a bargain.