Find of the Day: 1989 Small Bumper Mk2 Golf GTI

We’ve covered a lot of Mk1s on FOTD, but lately the Mk2 hasn’t gotten much love. The Mk1 may be OG, but in many ways the Mk2 made the GTI more usable and this beautiful example of the breed is this week’s Find of the Day.

Found on the forum, this Mk2 is being sold by durty:dub, who says that he wants a new project and so is parting with this one. He says that the car runs smoothly, has new fuel lines, brakes, a TT short throw shift linkage, Raceland Optimo coilovers, and more.


Overall it’s a great looking Mk2, but there are one or two problems lurking beneath. This Golf is from New Jersey, so it has some rust around the rear. It also has a 159,000 miles on it, which is a fair few. That said durty:dub doesn’t think that this is the original engine, so there may be fewer miles on it.

Inside it’s nearly perfect. The seats are tear-free and the dash and binnacle look just about perfect. And it comes with a collection of tapes, too!


This Golf may not be perfect, but it’s a looker and the $3,800 price tag makes it an awfully tempting way to enjoy a GTI that you could still put your mark on or just clean up real nice. Check it out for yourself at