Build or Buy: Build AND Buy GTIs

We can’t seem to get this Build or Buy thing right recently. A few weeks ago we had a Build or Build, and last week we had a Buy or Buy. Well today we have a Build AND Buy! That’s right; this is one of those rare two-cars-for-one-price listings. And just like those late-night infomercials, here’s an offer you can’t pass up.

Argument: Build and Buy
Article: 1984 GTI and 1983 GTI

Has this ever happened to you? You buy a great little car but it’s too nice to drive every day? Or your track car is great, but you can’t pick the kids up in it? OH NO! Well, have we got the car for you. You just (audience screams along): Build AND BUY!

That’s right, this 1984 GTI has the potential to be a great little road car. With some rust repair, and some mechanical updates, this black not-quite-yet-a-beauty can be a car you can be proud.

Look! It comes with all this great stuff:

  • Crane Cams camshaft
  • Rebuilt and ported head
  • Custom exhaust with Techtonics header
  • 15″ Rota mesh wheels
  • Neuspeed springs
  • And MUCH MORE!

Buy today for only $4500. That’s right: $4500! Operators are standing by!


If you call now, VWvortex member Fireblade RX-7 will include not one GTI, but TWO! That’s right, for only $4500 you get not one little hot hatch, you get a second almost-track-ready little bunny. UNBELIEVABLE!

With just a little work, you’ll be tearing up the track in this 1983 GTI. Check this out! It comes complete with:

  • A full roll cage
  • Bosch CIS injection
  • Carrera shocks with coilover springs
  • “Heavy” rear sway bar
  • And a whole bunch of wheels!

So act now! Buy this 1984 GTI for the low LOW price of $4500, and Fireblade RX-7 will throw in a second GTI for FREE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Fireblade RX-7 is standing by in our forums! ACT NOW!!!

(OffervalidonlyinWestPalmBeachFlorida. FirebladeRX-7isresponsibleforthiscontent. Noanimalwerehurtinthecreationofthisstory. Ifyourexcitementforthislastsmorethan4hours,thenyouneedtobuythesecars. Viewerdiscretionadvised.)