Build or Buy: Make them Jelly or Make Your Own GLI?

So you’re in the market for a German sports sedan, but the asking prices you’re finding are out of your budget. What’s an enthusiast to do but take a more basic model (read: affordable) and throw some go-faster bits on it? Here we have two Jetta GLIs for your consideration. So will you build it yourself, or buy it built?

Argument: Buy
Article: 2013 Jetta GLI KO4

How can you pass up a car that was featured on TheSmokingTire? That’s right; VWvortex member H132 is letting this nicely modded 2013 Jetta GLI go for very little scratch. You see, H132 would like to free up some cash to buy a house next year, and with home values the way they are in Southern California, well, you need as much free capital as possible. So the GLI is up for grabs for only $14,400.

And this isn’t any MKVI GLI. This one has a K04 turbocharger under the hood. Along with the APR intercooler and downpipe, ECS drilled and slotted brake rotors, and much more, this Jetta has over $10,000 in mods. Oh, and it has 14 months left on the extended warranty that covers engine and transmission.

Take a look at the ad in our classifieds for more information. It’s a honey of a deal.

Argument: Build
Article: 2014 Jetta GLI

If you’re more of a “build it myself” person, then here’s a great starting point. This 2014 GLI has only 65,000 miles and it’s bone stock. This base-level GLI has the DSG transmission and is blessed with cloth seats (vs. the leatherette ones on the upscale trim models). There’s some curb rash on the wheels, but you’ll probably ditch the stock 17″ rollers and go with something larger and wider.

For only $10,995, this GLI leaves room in your budget for some nice upgrades. But full disclosure: this 2014 does have a salvage title, so the price may be highly negotiable. Take a look at the eBay classified ad for more information. This Jetta GLI is in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our take: buy it built. H132’s GLI is too good a deal to pass up.