Build or Buy: MK7 3-Door GTI

News flash: People just aren’t buying vehicles with less than 4 doors. Two-door cars were considered sportier and faster than 4-door models not long ago, but today’s buyers aren’t willing to forego the convenience of a second set of doors to get friends, family, pets, clowns, or whatever it is they need to carry. Volkswagen canceled 3-door Golfs and Golf GTIs a few years back, but if you’re looking for a hot hatch that mimics the layout of the MK1 model, here are two options; one that’s built, and one that’s ready for you to build.

Argument: Build
Article: 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI S 3-Door

A quick nationwide search on shows there are 136 3-door GTIs for sale across the United States. And this is the lowest priced one available. This silver metallic 2015 Golf GTI S DSG is a bit basic; there’s no sunroof, no bi-xenon headlights, and it even has cloth seats. But the cloth is the retro-cool Clark Plaid inspired by the interior of the European MK1 GTI.

This ’15 has a little over 106,000 miles, yet the interior still looks great and with the exception of some wheel rash, it’s in very good condition. And is that an aftermarket intake pipe we spy?

This GTI is in Jersey City, NJ, and the asking price is $9995. Take a look at the ad on the dealership website for more information and quite a few pics.

Argument: Buy
Article: 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Package S 3-Door

Now here’s a looker. This ’15 GTI is completely dialed-in. Just like our “Buy” example, this is a metallic silver 3-door S. But this one came with the Performance Package and the lighting package. Oh yeah, and it also has a third pedal.

This GTI, ladies and gentleman, may be one of the most true-to-its-roots GTIs out there: a base model with only performance upgrades and none of the other fluff. No panoramic sunroof, no leather seats, no fancy stereo. It’s all the go-stuff.

And this one has some of the best add-ons available: APR bits including Stage 2 tuning, VW Racing lowering springs, RSR Heavy Duty clutch, and 19″ O. Z. Leggera wheels. And we’re quite smitten with the somehow-not-over-the-top red side stripes.

This pre-built GTI PP has only 40,000 miles, and is in Central Ohio (we’re guessing that’s the Columbus area). Take a look at the ad in our forums. The current asking price is $18,000.