Build or Buy: Rockin’ Red ‘Roccos

There’s a recurring joke you’ll hear every year at Cincy. It changes a little bit depending on who’s telling it or the context, but it’s a version of “Which red Scirocco is yours?” Well, we’ve found two and a half (what?) examples of Volkswagen’s little sports coupe. And if you’re in the market for your own 16-valve fastback, you’re faced with the daunting question: buy it built, or, build it yourself. Take a look at all 2.5 of them and decide yourself.

Argument: Buy
Article: 1986.5 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V

Before I go farther, I gotta tell you; current Scirocco owners like myself are watching this auction. You see, while there’s a lot of love for the S2 ‘Rocco, the values have remained quite low. Many have predicted prices to rise, but we’re all waiting a bit to see where they go.

Needless to say, the current bid for this stunning 1986.5 Scirocco 16V is high. As I sit here at my PC, the current bid is an almost unbelievable $20,000. Yowza. And the bringatrailer auction doesn’t close until Wednesday evening.

In defense of the current bid, this car is quite spectacular. Take a look at the engine bay: it’s spotless. So is the undercarriage. This ‘Rocco received a full restoration including a windows-out respray, an engine upgrade from a 1.8-liter to a 2.0-liter lower, and a whole mess of performance upgrades. There are over 150 photos in the ad, so feast your eyes on what may be the greatest Scirocco 16V on the market.

Argument: Build
Article: 1987 Scirocco 16V plus 1/2 a Scirocco

Let’s get this out of the way: there are some very strong plusses and one major minus with this deal. The good things are: this is basically a complete car, it comes with a ton of extra parts, and there’s a nearly complete Scirocco trailer included! Another bonus: it has some great upgrades already in place; Neuspeed springs, Koni adjustable shocks, strut bars front and back, and more.

The bad? The 16V engine was replaced by a standard-issue 8-valve engine. But that gives you the opportunity for a sweet engine swap, right?

If you’re looking for a great Scirocco-and-a-half project, take a look at the ad on This car is in Beaufort, North Carolina.