Build or Buy: Scirocco VR6T

What’s better than a lightweight, low slung sport coupe? How about one with some big power under the hood? If you’re in the market for something a bit different; a Volkswagen Scirocco with a turbocharged VR6 engine. But should you buy it built, or build it yourself?

Option A: Buy It Built
Article: 1986 Volkswagen Scirocco VR6T

We’ve got to admit, this car is a little bit bonkers. If you’ve never driven a Scirocco, you’ll find it’s quite different than modern cars. You sit low to the ground with your feet out in front of you, the ruler-wide pillars allow great visibility out the front and sides, and the car weighs very little, so even with a tepid engine you can toss it into turns and it handles wonderfully.

But we have to imagine that last positive point might be a bit off with this car. While the VR6 engine is a wonderfully growly littler powerhouse, it’s also heavy. Well, heavier than the stock engine. So while it may not be as fun in the twisties, it’s going to be a blast on the straightaways.

On top of the monster motor, this ‘Rocco’s got Recaro seats, a MK3 Golf/Jetta dashboard, coilover suspension, BBS-style wheels (maybe the real thing?), and much much more. It’s a lot of kit for the $10,500 asking price. The car is in southern New Jersey. Take a look at the Facebook Marketplace ad for more information.

Option B: Build It Yourself
Article: 1985 Scirocco Deluxe

We were all ready to share a very-build-it-yourself Scirocco 16V, but if you’re going to drop a big engine into this little coupe, why ruin a good 16V? Instead, here’s a standard 8-valve model that is crying for an upgrade.

Not much is listed in the ad for this car. It’s a Scirocco. It’s black. It looks like it runs (but who cares; you’re ditching the engine anyway). It’s in decent enough shape. It’s in Southern New Jersey, just like the Option A car above. And this one’s a much more reasonable $3400.

So if you’re looking for a solid ‘Rocco to build a big-engine beast, this looks like a decent option. Check out the ad on for a few more details.